About Rebecca Underwood

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of both groups and individual clients:

Behaviour Management

Support for parents, teachers and caregivers in addressing challenging behaviour in children or adolescents. We develop an effective plan for change or behaviour management.

Parent Education

Mentoring and support is provided to primary caregivers to learn parenting strategies ranging from ante-natal through to post-natal education and early childhood.

Mental Health issues

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental health issues.

Sleep difficulties

Assessment and management of sleep difficulties, education to improve client understanding and development of an individual treatment plan.

Grief, loss and adjustment difficulties

A supportive environment is provided to discuss traumatic events which have resulted in grief, loss or difficulties affecting everyday life.

Addictions and Substance use

Support and treatment through identification of the causes behind substance use, including individual assessment and strategies to prevent relapse.

Anger or Stress Management

Identification of causes behind stress or anger and development of a treatment plan to help clients to regulate and control emotion.

Skills Training

Behavioural and cognitive techniques are provided to help clients to manage problematic or challenging situations (eg. Communication skills, Stress Management and Assertiveness training)

Career Counselling, including Parents returning to work

Comprehensive assessment of client skills, education, employment history, strengths, interests and ability, to provide guidance on suitable employment options.

Group Services

Progressive Psychology can offer a variety of sessional workshops, support groups and treatment programs catering to small groups, which can be delivered in your school or workplace. Contact us to find out more.

How do I get started

Your first step is to contact us. We will be happy to either book you an appointment or speak with you about your situation and options.

All of our services are by appointment only. After-hours appointments may be available for some clients.